Mass payouts

You don't need to worry about how to transfer money to thousands of customers or partners anymore
Do instant payments to any number of your customers. We have automated payments and guarantee immediate money transfer.
MandarinPay is ideal for p2p and b2p platforms, finance companies, advertising agencies, affiliate programs and similar businesses.
Arrange payments according to the schedule your clients desire. If they don't use cards or electronic wallets, we can offer cash payments in virtually any geography. Binding services for credit cards allow your customers to receive money in just one click.
Tired of going through endless paperwork to enable mass payments? With Mandarin you get the help of a personal manager or an automated connection process and can begin payouts in 10 working days.
We are built on powerful payment infrastructure security (PCI-DSS 3.2). Using MandarinPay tokenization technology, you don't need to store any sensitive information about client's cards on your servers. Security is our core value.
Create a powerful service for your customers
Don't spend your time on integration
Feel secure
Developers will be pleased
Our issue is to minimize the payment code on your side. Easily integrate our simple and flexible API which is ready for any scale. MandarinPay will save your time for really important things such as developments and improvement you products.
Use ready plug-ins for instant organization of manual payouts or register payouts.
Detailed documentation, step-by-step manuals and examples make integration truly simple and fast.
Our technical support is ready to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.
Connect MandarinPay without a single line of code
Use our partner network to accelerate your business: Diasoft, InversiaRetail, AFK, BrainySoft, Scorista, Sputnik, SaasCredit. and manh others.
Partners and platforms
Accounting systems compatible
Our modules allow downloads to most online accounting systems without extra programming.
Use a ready-made module for immediate manage of manual payments or payments on the registry.
Without integration
Send money conveniently
MandarinPay allows transfer of money to credit cards, e-wallets, phones and even cash. Your clients will be satisfied, and will be able to receive their money at any geography in the country or abroad.
Ready integrations with credit conveyors
How it works

Transfer the advance payment from any Bank account.

Automatically call our protocol or transmit to the register of recipients.

Money is instantly credited to the recipients.

Get information about sending money online and monthly reports.
Ready to start?
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