Convenient online payments

Integrate embeddable payment page and start receiving payments in 29+ countries

With MandarinPay you do not have to pay much for the great payment conversion. Receive payments with banking cards from clients all over the World. Without painful integration and 15% cheaper than average price on the market.
Accept all major credit cards from your customers, anywhere in the world. Configure how you want to receive payments, just the way you like it: customize your payment page, use widgets and a built-in forms to increase conversions.
You shouldn't need to be an expert in online payments to provide the convenience your customer deserve. MandarinPay provides you with all the latest payment tools within a unified integration. On both web and mobile.
We are built on powerful payment infrastructure security (PCI-DSS 3.2 compliant). Using MandarinPay tokenization technology, you don't need to store any sensitive information about client's cards on your servers. Security is our core value.

Create a perfect experience for your customers

Don't spend your time on integration

Feel safe

Happy developers

MandarinPay minimizes the payment code on your side and scales easily. Integrating our simple and flexible API will save your time for more important things - such as your business.
Use our ready-made libraries. There is no need to write code from scratch.
Our detailed documentation, step-by-step manuals and ready examples makes integration quick and simple.
Our technical support is ready to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.

You can connect MandarinPay without a single line of code

Integrate in a few clicks with modules developed for popular CMS.

Ready-made plug-ins

Partners and platforms

Use our partner network to accelerate your startup: Diasoft, InversiaRetail, AFK, BrainySoft, Scorista, Sputnik, SaasCredit and many more.
You can invoice manually from your account or use a ready-made module for receiving payments.

Without integration

Amazing payment conversion

We have developed the most convenient forms of payment. Only one line of JavaScript is required. Our built-in payment page or popup widget works for all browsers and devices,
100% customized by you.

Manage your business with MandarinPay

Make operational decisions based on actual online transaction data.
Get instant information, including cancellations, chargebacks, card bindings, etc.
With Mandarin you get real-time and historical reports about your business.



Get all the information about the payments directly through your accounting platform. Mandarin integrates seamlessly with all major accounting and finance platforms.
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